Art on commission

Customize your own art togeather with the artist Moses Shahrivar. Choose what kind of art you would like to create;

1. Papercut – Handmade with knife and paper, an elegant and classy style.

2. Sculpture – Any kind of sculpture, in any size and shape. Casted in gips or appropriate material.

3. Painting – The style of the painting will be an clash between popart and street art, any subject. 

4. Frame – We make our own frames in-house. Choose the frame you want (for paintings & papercuts).

5. Other techniques – All possibilities are open when we create art on commission. 


How it works

Step 1. Contact the artist by email or phone and present your idea or the purpose of the artwork.
Step 2. The artist will give you options on how your idea can be created (material, technique etc.).
Step 3. A rough sketch is made and the price calculated.
Step 4. The artist starts creating the artwork (30% downpayment before the work starts).
Step 5. The artwork is delivered to you and paid in full (worldwide delivery).

Moses made over 40 artpieces on commission during 2014- 2015.


Papercut – art on commission for client SOLD

Papercut dollar love artist moses shahrivar

Papercut “Stockholm”
Stockholm papercut artist moses shahrivar

Sculpture – art on commission for client SOLD


Paintings – art on commission for clients ALL SOLD


Yes but no painting by artist Moses Shahrivar