Showreel Moses Shahrivar 2015

My showreel as an artist, fashon designer and filmmaker

//Moses Shahrivar

Showreel Moses Shahrivar 2015 from Sthlm Art on Vimeo.

The weddingfair 2015 at Grand Hotel

Video for the the weddingfair 2015 at Grand hotel (

Bröllopsmässan 2015 Grand Hotell - Sthlm Art from MadeByMoses on Vimeo.

Viking Line – Whiskey fair 2015

Video for Viking Line‘s Whiskey fair 2015.

Video som verktyg

YouTube is only 9 years old and today over 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.
Merely 10 years ago the key for a successful business was to “have a homepage” Today it has changed to “have a video”

STHLM ART stands for a new approach to online video production. We understand that your business needs a high-quality video to enhance your brand and to communicate with your customers. A video online gives you a human connection with the click of a button, that is the future. Text and photos are in the past.

Video som verktyg - Sthlm Art from MadeByMoses on Vimeo.

Paintings for Stockholms Läns Landsting

2014-11-06/ Stockholm/ Sweden

One of many paintings made for Stockholms Läns Landsting and SL.
Thanks to Louder and Leka innovation!


Urban SLL - Konstnär Moses Shahrivar LOWRES

Startcraft painting

2014-09-28 / Stockholm/ Sweden

My client wanted to give his friend a present for his birthday. So I made a customized Starcraft painting with his friend in the suit, 105*55 cm.


MadeByMoses- Starcraft - low

People's climate march – Stockholm Sweden

2014-09-21/ Stockholm/ Sweden

People’s climate march took place at the same day all around the world. The New York march was the biggest climate demostation in the world with 310 000 people participating! Join the movement and support the environment!

Read what DN.SE is writing about the event in Stockholm here.

The video shows willpower!! Despite the dramatic turnaround we continue!

Chanel painting

2014-09-04/ Stockholm/ Sweden

Tavlan såldes till SEB Konstförening och kan ses på SEB i Sergelstorg, Stockholm. Klassiska Chanel är ett varumärke jag inte kunde motstå att leka med ;)

The painting was sold to SEB Art Society and can be viewed at SEB Sergels Torg, Stockholm. Chanel is a brand I could not resist playing with ;)



“Fashion for Charity” – Hosted by Lenay Dunn, MTV

2014-09-03/ Stockholm/ Sweden

If you are in New York during fashion week check out “Fashion for Charity” september 11th 2014. Hosted by Lenay Dunn, MTV and performance by Pras Michel. The night is packed with DJ:s, fashion shows and drinks, have a great time and support the good cause!

Thanks to “Hope for them foundation” that keeps doing a great job for the ones in need!

I made the promotion video for the event, check it out!



Masks at Sthlm Art

2014-08-26/ Stockholm/ Sweden

At Sthlm Art!!

Ungdomarna skapade 1200 masker på 5 dagar!! Det betyder att det skapades en ny unik mask varannan minut!

The youngsters created 1200 masks in 5 days !! It means that a new unique mask was created every two minutes!




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