Art print – “Attitude”

Art-print-painting-attitude-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-artArt description

Artist: Moses Shahrivar
Name: Attitude
Technique: Photo
Subject: Photo of the original papercut, girl with an attitude
The original papercut: Destroyed
Edition: 3/5
Size: Custom size, you can choose the size
Depends on printing technique and size
How to buy it: Email the artist moses (at)
Available as Art print, Photo print, Plexiglas print or as Canvas

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History of the art print – “Attitude”

Girls (and boys) with attitude develop it because they have a need for it. Attitude is needed during some periods of life and it is very vital, both for protecting yourself and for handling your environment. It is neither good nor bad, it’s up to each person to create the attitude they need or want. In the case with this painting it illustrates the attitude of a young girl becoming an adult and trying out everything that once was forbidden. It’s a part of life’s journey to try out everything you want, sometimes you have to develop the right attitude for certain things and sometimes it just comes naturally.

The first painting is located in Sousse, Tunisia. The second painting is located in my own home in Stockholm, Sweden. This painting is the third and last painting made.


Thumb-Art-print-painting-attitude-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art thumb-Street-art-painting-attitude-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-ArtThumb-Popart-painting-attitude-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-art


Original photos (limited to 5 prints/motif) – Art print

thumb-Art-print-painting-scary-baby-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art thumb-Art-print-painting-motorcycles-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art thumb-Art-print-painting-love-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art Thumb-Art-print-painting-watch-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art Thumb-Art-print-painting-attitude-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art Art-print-painting-yes-but-no-by-artist-Moses-ShahrivarThumb-Art-print-painting-dollar-love-by-artist-Moses-ShahrivarThumb-print-your-own-photos-on-art-paper-plexiglas-or-photopaper


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