Art print – “Dollar love”

Art-print-painting-dollar-love-by-artist-Moses-ShahrivarArt description

Artist: Moses Shahrivar
Name: Dollar love
Technique: Photo
Subject: Photo of the original papercut, dollar love
The original papercut: Sold
Edition: 3/5
Size: Custom size, you can choose the size
Depends on printing technique and size
How to buy it: Email the artist moses (at)
Available as Art print, Photo print, Plexiglas print or as Canvas

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History of the art print – “Dollar love”

The first painting was commissioned by a client in Africa. The dollar bill represented love and friendship for the client and he wanted to celebrate the love with a painting. The original papercut made for this painting was sold earlier this year, 2016 (thereby limiting any more art made from it). Before the papercut was sold the artist used it during 3 years creating street art and three paintings of the love motif (Big dollar love, Green dollar love, Pink dollar love). When the original papercut was framed and hanged on the wall of Sthlm Art it took only 30 minutes before it got sold. The buyer was a client with a big heart of love and understanding, a perfect match between the art and the owner.

What does all the symbols on the dollar bill mean? Everybody uses the dollar all around the world but only a few knows the true meanings of the symbols. The hidden messages used by the Federal Reserve (the American central bank which is a privately owned bank) in the dollar bill has been used by many before them. The symbols of the All-seeing-eye, the pyramid, the stars, the formations etc. are ancient knowledge that has been used by the Egyptians, Freemasons, Central banks and many more all over the world. The symbols referees to the mental plane, the dimension we reach when we sleep, meditate or reach a higher level of conciseness. The symbols reveals that the people behind the Federal Reserve/the dollar are illuminated and has knowledge about the mental plane. The mental plane is a real world that both you and me are experiencing in our everyday life, some of us are aware of it and how it works (illuminated of the knowledge) while some never reach this understanding. To become illuminated you need to read and learn and then test the knowledge for yourself before you can accept it. It’s a lifelong journey and the more you learn the more you will understand that the knowledge is never-ending. The rulers of today’s material world, the central banks (rulers of all monetary currencies we live by) has used this knowledge for centuries to reach the powers they have today. The same goes for the rulers of ancient Egypt that used the same knowledge to reach the powers they had. My question to you is why you are not using the knowledge?

The dollar should be symbolized by peace and love, not by secret societies with plans to rule the world. The painting has turned the root of all evil into love for all mankind, one love and pure love.





Original photos (limited to 5 prints/motif) – Art print

thumb-Art-print-painting-scary-baby-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art thumb-Art-print-painting-motorcycles-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art thumb-Art-print-painting-love-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art Thumb-Art-print-painting-watch-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art Thumb-Art-print-painting-attitude-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art Art-print-painting-yes-but-no-by-artist-Moses-ShahrivarThumb-Art-print-painting-dollar-love-by-artist-Moses-ShahrivarThumb-print-your-own-photos-on-art-paper-plexiglas-or-photopaper


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