Art print – “The watch”

Art-print-painting-iwc-watch-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-artArt description

Artist: Moses Shahrivar
Name: The watch
Technique: Photo
Subject: Photo of the original papercut, the watch
The original papercut is available: But the original papercut here
Edition: 3/5
Size: Custom size, you can choose the size
Depends on printing technique and size
How to buy it: Email the artist moses (at)
Available as Art print, Photo print, Plexiglas print or as Canvas

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When you buy the painting you will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.






History of the art print – “IWC watch”

This painting has several meanings on a deeper level. The watch symbolizes time, time is a phenomenon that we humans haven’t really figured out yet. There is still many questions about time and how it works, do we live in a timeless dimension as some claim or is time linear? Is Einstein’s theory about time true? Can we travel back in time if we exceed the speed of light? There is so many questions that needs to be answered.

“My soul needed to create – My soul gives me all the ideas, as a feeling, a silent voice, as intuition, as imagination. It comes in different ways and one thing is for sure, it does not come from me consciously. I just take action upon ideas when they come” – Moses

Thumb-Popart-painting-iwc-watch-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivarthumb-Papercut-watch-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-Art Thumb-Streetart2-painting-iwc-watch-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-art Thumb-Streetart1-painting-iwc-watch-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-art  Thumb-Popart-painting-iwc-watch2-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art



Original photos (limited to 5 prints/motif) – Art print

thumb-Art-print-painting-scary-baby-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art thumb-Art-print-painting-motorcycles-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art thumb-Art-print-painting-love-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art Thumb-Art-print-painting-watch-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art Thumb-Art-print-painting-attitude-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art Art-print-painting-yes-but-no-by-artist-Moses-ShahrivarThumb-Art-print-painting-dollar-love-by-artist-Moses-ShahrivarThumb-print-your-own-photos-on-art-paper-plexiglas-or-photopaper

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