Pop art painting – “Yes but No”

Popart painting by the artist Moses Shahrivar Sthlm Art

Art description

Artist: Moses Shahrivar
Name: Yes but No
Technique: Handmade, stencil, acryl
Subject: Lady with double messages
The original papercut is available: Buy the original papercut here
Available as art print: Buy an art print of the painting here
Edition: Version 3/3 (the last one)
Size: 80*80 cm
USD 5 000
How to buy it: Email the artist moses (at) sthlmart.com and then you will receive an invoice.

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History of the painting – “Yes but No”

The painting illustrates the double messages people tell. What do people really want? They can say one thing and then do something completely else!? It’s a metaphor that can be applied in many situations and conversations.
The first painting was commissioned by a client in Africa who needed art for his nightclub, Rediguana. The first version of the “Yes but No” painting is located in the nightclub in Sousse, Tunisia. The second version of the painting was bought in the art gallery Sthlm Art and can now be found in Norrköping, Sweden. This painting is the third and last version of the lady.

To be able to create this painting the artist must first create a handmade papercut. The original papercut made for this painting is the Mother of all the “Yes but No” artwork. From the papercut comes the paintings and street art. The original papercut is now up for sale! She has a 3 years old history in art and contains layers and layers of colors from different times and locations. – Moses



Meny-avskiljare Paintings in pop art/ street art style







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Sthlm Art art gallery. Art by the artist Moses Shahrivar