Pop-art painting “X Rose”


Art description

Artist: Moses Shahrivar
Name: X rose
Technique: Made on paperboard, handmade, stencil, acryl
Subject: What is the X that keeps the rose from blossoming?
The original papercut: Destroyed
Available as art printNo
Edition: Version 2/2 (the last one)
Size: 80*80 cm
USD 2 000
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History of the painting – X rose

The painting represents love that is being withhold. The warm colors and the rose represents the love, the big X in the middle is your own obstacle that is keeping you from reaching pure love. What is keeping you from being loved? Or loving somebody? Love is a feeling that comes naturally, love is not something you can plan or hast. It comes when it comes and the most important thing is to trust it when it appears, not to withhold it. Trust your feelings, your heart knows you better than you think. Be open minded and love as much as you can during the short period you are able to love – Moses


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