Papercut art – “The watch”


Art description

Artist: Moses Shahrivar
Name: The watch
Technique: Paper, handmade with knife, acryl, mirror
Subject: Clockwork
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Edition: Original
Size: 80,5*80,5 cm
USD 5 000
How to buy it: By invoice, email the artist moses (at)

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History of the papercut – “The watch”

This papercut has several meanings on a deeper level. The watch symbolizes time, time is a phenomenon that we humans haven’t really figured out yet. There is still many questions about time and how it works, do we live in a timeless dimension as some claim or is time linear? Is Einstein’s theory about time true? Can we travel back in time if we exceed the speed of light? There is so many questions that needs to be answered.

This is the original papercut, the Mother of all the paintings and street art made with this papercut. The papercut is handmade and cut out with a simple knife. The process in very time consuming and requires enormous amounts of patience and detail work. The papercut has been used during 3 years all over the world leaving an imprint of the picture everywhere it has been used. The energy that once created the papercut has been re-used many times creating new artwork. 

This papercut is one of the first I ever created. The artwork that has been created from this papercut is the foundation of Sthlm Art. The positive energy it has gathered during 3 years is all contained in this papercut. – Moses

thumb-Streetart-graffiti-painting-iwc-watch-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-artThumb-Streetart2-painting-iwc-watch-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-art Thumb-Streetart1-painting-iwc-watch-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-artThumb-Art-print-painting-watch-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-sthlm-art Thumb-Popart-painting-iwc-watch-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar Thumb-comission-new-art-together-with-the-artist-moses-shahrivar-sthlm-art

Meny-avskiljare Papercut art

Thumb-original-Papercut-painting-Dollar-love-by-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-Art thumb-Papercut-mogliani-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-Art thumb-Papercut-stockholm-city-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-Art thumb-Papercut-watch-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-Art thumb-Papercut-yes-but-no-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-Art

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Sthlm Art art gallery. Art by the artist Moses Shahrivar