Street art

Street art can be used to cover big areas in a cost effective and beautiful way. The stencils (papercuts) used in the street art are artwork originally created to make paintings. This raises the quality of the street art because the stencils has a high level of details and craftmenship, every stencil is its own painting. Using several stencils is like using several paintings to create the street art.

Contact the artist by email if you are interested in street art, moses (at)


Street art made in Sthlm Art studio

Watch how the graffiti was made


Street art made on the floor, wall and furniture

Watch how the street art was made



Streetart2-stockholm-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-art  Streetart-painting-Mogliani1-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-art Streetart2-painting-iwc-watch-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-art   Streetart2-painting-Dita-by-the-artist-Moses-Shahrivar-Sthlm-art


Street art made in a nightclub in Stockholm, Sweden






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